Noise phobias as an emergency

This morning on Twitter, I found a great article titled Storm Phobias by Karen L. Overall, VMD, PhD, Dipl. ACVB, thanks to @NicoleWilde and @fearfuldogs. While there are many articles… Read more »

Now on a FaceBook near you

(finally, eh?) Now I finally published my page, it is kinda… well… empty. LOL Please stop on by and say hi! 🙂 If tweets are your thing, you can also… Read more »

Creepy. Crawly. Scorpions!

Posted on Veterinary Medicine at on Thursday July 9, 2009 I can’t classify this as a “frequently asked question” (FAQ) because this one was a first. Coupled with the… Read more »

Cute Cat Contest Update

Franny, Guide to Cats at, has been inundated with cute cat photos. At this writing, she has over 250 entries. The 5 other judges and myself are in the… Read more »

Cat Cuteness Contest

My friend Franny Syufy, Guide to Cats at is having a “Cutest Cat Contest,” and I have agreed to be a judge. I am not sure if I can… Read more »