Talking about…

Happy things: Our pets! How many pets do you have, and how did they find you? Add in your comments (photos, too!) on the Veterinary Medicine Facebook page Disturbing things:… Read more »

A curiously good blog

I love to read. I read a LOT. I read books, magazines, journals, the back of cereal boxes. I read lots of blogs, too – everything from animal-veterinary to news… Read more »

Are you on Flickr?

I find the bulk of the photos I use on my Veterinary Medicine site in the Flickr Creative Commons area of the popular photo-sharing site Flickr. I don’t have any… Read more »

Disease-Sniffing Dogs

The power of the canine nose has an increasingly valuable place in human medicine. Dogs have been trained to detect cancers of the bladder, lung, prostate, ovary, breast, and skin…. Read more »