Sophie’s new modeling gig

Sophie tries on the new Thundershirt. Sophie the Dog wearing the Thundershirt © Janet Tobiassen Crosby DVM Twitter | Facebook | Free newsletter

Glass Dog Bones

I have been busy  making new glass dog bones for fall. The cooler weather is inspiring.

Nap Attack

Barnie has been intermittently energetic over the busy holiday weekend… This means, of course, nap time happens anywhere at any time.

Happy Caturday

Barnie. What a funny cat. We are always pausing, pointing, and laughing at his antics. Met with his perfected “who me?” expression. Earlier this week, my daughter decided that she… Read more »

Back to school!

My dog Sophie, even after all these years, runs to the window whenever she hears the word “bus”! Do your pets have an adjustment period once school starts? This week… Read more »