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After an early start using Barnie’s Invisi-cat Shield, Quincy has rediscovered its potential. I haven’t been able to catch him on ‘film’ yet, but his favorite victim has been Argos. It was the same for Barney. Probably because Argos always has to lay on a rug or pillow and is an easy target for cat pranks…

Barnie so loved the idea of an Invisi-cat Shield. However, after discovering that the first Invis-cat shield was defective, he found a much better model. Oh yeah. THIS Invisi-cat shield really works. He is completely invisible to human eyes, but can still see everything and everyone perfectly through this shield. Watch out, unsuspecting humans who need to use the shower or bath tub! (He has been sitting here for a[…]

Barney loves hanging out in the laundry room. One day I decided to let him have his own “laundry” — a towel that I covered him up with. He had fun rolling around “attacking” the towel and basically being the center of attention (again). He never tires of the attention. Then I covered him up. This activated the Invisi-cat Shield! Barnie loved this! It was laundry taken to a whole[…]