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The title really says it all, but I also wanted to say that I never ‘pose’ my pets. Everything just happens as it happens. I have no idea what Argos was doing as he tried to shimmy under the shower curtain aka the Invisi-Cat Shield. Then, as if on cue, Quincy races in to get control of the situation… Here’s how it happened

The very next day after Quincy’s successful Invisi-Cat Shield mission, he was at it again. On this day though, the naughtiness started even before he entered in the Invisi-Cat Shield. I had a brand new litter box all ready with brand new special magic cat litter to evaluate for an upcoming review on I did not want the cats messing it up before I had time to take photos,[…]

Remember the Invisi-Cat Shield? I was talking about this amazing invention on Twitter recently, how I have missed several shots of Quincy, who activates the Invisi-Cat shield daily in hopes of snaring a dog. (Credit to Barnie for inventing the original Invisi-Cat Shield.) Twitter pal tjw003 said “love invisicat shield pics!” — this one is for you. 😉 Quincy’s new item of interest: our new foster dog Burro This caused[…]