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On A New Path

Where did all of the AboutVetMed Instagram posts go? They are still viewable on my other Instagram account, JanetCrosbyArt. After years of trying to ‘keep it simple’ with just one… Read more »

Amazing Gracie

If you are in the mood for a wonderful kitty story (I mean, who isn’t?) on Instagram, be sure to check out @AmazeballsGracie on Instagram. The Story Begins Here, Innocently… Read more »

Avie Discovers the Invis-Cat Shield

  Avie the #corgi about to discover what the Invisi-cat Shield is in 3, 2, 1….. . . . #dogsofinstagram #instaquincygram #invisicatshield #dogstagram #dogsandcats A photo posted by Janet Crosby… Read more »