Ugh. Those are two ugly little words no one wants to use in a sentence. But here we are. The news of lymphoma in Teva, a very healthy 4-year old dog, came as a shock. Lymphoma is a cancer of the lymph cells of the blood. The most common sign is enlarged lymph nodes. This is not painful, but very tiring. You could argue that chemo is a good word[…]

As I wrote in the previous post, our best buddy Teva is undergoing treatment for lymphoma. I am hitting the road with Teva the Wunderdog and Heather tomorrow to revisit the WSU oncology team for more cancer-fighting fun. We have snacks. We have fresh water. Lots of chat time. And dog cookies – must have dog cookies. My pet clan is staying home, but we’ll be back soon. As much[…]

Tomorrow, March 17, is Paws For Japan – a worldwide community of pet bloggers teaming up with my friends at World Vets to help raise awareness and funds for the animals affected by the multiple disasters in Japan. I blogged about this event on and the support has been fantastic. This video captures what we are working for in a nutshell:   World Vets was first on the scene,[…]