Since the weather is getting warmer (slowly but surely where I live), I am taking a hat, glove and scarf knitting break and trying something new. I want to make some felted mousies for Quincy, but got distracted by this adorable Flamingo I found on Ravelry. Since I am not usually patient enough to follow a pattern and I used different sized yarn and needles than this pattern called for,[…]

Barnie, once a cat out in the wilds on his own, is the biggest window watcher of the house. Now that the weather is warming up window-watching is even more exciting because that means the windows are opened up on nice days. Outside of one of his favorite perches is a bird nest up in the eaves. Those little hungry babies make quite a racket. Music to a kitty’s ears[…]

Quincy’s curiosity got the best of him yesterday, and he had a little mishap. Here’s how it all went down (literally) We have a two story house. The stairs have a banister around them, like most staircases. It is a regular half wall, with wide top rails. The cats like to sit on the banister and watch us humans; it is one of their favorite cat perches. So I didn’t[…]