It has taken me all day to write this post, and it will be short. At least until I have a little time to let things settle. Our family had to say goodbye to Sophie this week, and it has broken our hearts. I first noticed something amiss in August, very subtle, but not quite right. After an extensive workup, cancer was the likely culprit. I say ‘likely’ because other[…]

Once again, Team AboutVetMed (Barnie, Quincy, my daughter and I) participated in Hairball Awareness day. I posted a sneak peek of our final entry on Monday, and here is a quick review: Ten bloggers participated in this year’s challenge of “mustache cats.” The 11 cats (we snuck in a second cat) are also featured on Romeo’s blog, the FURminator Facebook page!, and People Pets gallery. Check all of them out[…]

Sometimes I am in overdrive; the To Do list out of control again. Then I pause, look around and see this friendly reminder. Thanks, Barnie.   Pets are great for that, actually. I have recently started back doing yoga. Naturally flexible in my youth, but a different story today. It’s more work now, but I do feel great getting a nice daily stretch in. The pets agree. Here are a couple[…]