In this house, like so many dog-cat households, the cats have no problem taking over the dog beds. Quincy learned this from a very young age. Sometimes though, it is the simple things. Like a piece of tissue paper. Quincy claims that, too. I was busy over at my art table, preserving the Ginkgo leaves I had dried and pressed over the last few days. I looked up to see this[…]

Do you ever feel bored but don’t really have any other ideas of what to do? Yeah, so does Quincy. Of course, there is always the musical pet beds game… But Quincy needed more excitement. Taking beds away from the dogs is too easy, really. Quincy loooves his mousie. Without a human though, the mousie just isn’t as lively. Since the dogs give comfy beds up without a fight, maybe[…]

I happened upon this scene and did a double take. After all of the “do we really have to share this bed?” looks I get from Quincy, I find this sleeping arrangement the most interesting one yet.   Let’s back up for a closer look I was not sure who was on the bed first. Sweet Purl wasn’t quite sure what to make of this coziness either. And so she[…]