I have two regular laundry helpers in my house. I wish I could tell you that they were my two teenagers, but that would be a lie. No, the two who help every single day are Purl the Greyhound and Quincy the cat, pictured below. Of course, their version of “help” is different than mine. I used to blame the kids for being sloppy and not picking up after themselves.[…]

Every morning my pets juggle and struggle for prime sunbeam location. I’ve posted a few photos on Instagram where the pets shared the sunbeams, sometimes successfully and sometimes not — here and here and here. And the one time Quincy got the whole sunbeam thing backwards. I Love You But… The morning sun time is short. The window panes are skinny. This creates a pet-puzzle every morning. Here is a closer look. Then[…]

After near-daily Invisi-Cat Shield happenings in my home, Quincy (and Barnie) seemed to outgrow all that was fun with the shower curtain. No more of that kitten stuff. Then, this morning, I came across this. He was enjoying the nice morning sun. And he was waiting. I could hear his purring ramp up. Waiting to be discovered. He can barely stand the suspense. This is a better Invisi-Cat Shield. It[…]