Today is the day – March 15 – PetFinder’s Adopt the Internet day! I have two posts: One on Pet Adoption and Fostering – My Stories Probably ‘old news’ for those of you who visit this blog

Blogathon 2010 donation badge and info is in the sidebar!→ I underestimated the time it would take to do 24 blog posts. I envisioned myself checking the computer while reading my new yoga magazine, eating chocolate, knitting, and walking the dogs during Blogthon 2010. hahahahahaha The dogs had potty breaks, but did not get their usual walk. Neither did DrV’s dogs, apparently. The knitting project I envisioned for this weekend[…]

I re-capped the Hammer story on today, since I hadn’t mentioned Hammer as much over there. (Surprising, I know.) I also created a new piece on – a Reader Responds area for viewer submissions. Unlike a blog comment, these are mini-publications from each viewer. Submitted and published upon approval. A little more permanent part of the site. Whether you have been inspired by the Blogpaws Be The Change[…]