As we learned yesterday, Barnie was feeling a little left out. Someone has taken over his Invisi-Cat Shield. Just who is this new guy, and what do the other pets think about the situation? First Argos. He has actually shown the least interest, especially if it is nap time. Next Sophie. She is always the referee/nanny/babysitter. Remember when Barnie joined us? Next, Greta She has been a little cranky. I[…]

Barnie tolerates Greta fine. He sometimes tries to get her to play, but is only met with cranky get-away-from-me growls. Greta appears to totally ignore Barnie, but is secretly pleased to have another cat in the house. They aren’t BFFs, but they share the space amicably. Previously, this was as close as Barnie and Greta have “cuddled” Several months ago: A few weeks ago: Now this… They are touching! What’s[…]

I mentioned the Cat Mat the other day when talking about my snoozing pets. I had the idea to make essentially a mini blanket for the back of the couch and another one for Barnie’s window seat. Lucky me – Michael’s had Lion Brand “Thick and Quick” wool blend on sale. It is 20% wool, 80% acrylic – great for easy washing – in an olive color called Cilantro. Normally[…]