I love birds, and I usually post something bird-related on social media on Fridays. This week, the focus is on feathers and art. My geese and chickens shed (molt) their feathers annually and that means lots of feathers around the yard. Feather Art I always collect the feathers for “someday” and I finally found a purpose for them. Making prints! Yesterday’s #FeatherFriday project: printing some cards 💌 I will have[…]

I have had many chickens over the years, including several roosters. I love their showiness and protectiveness of their flock. All of them have been nice, except… this one. Shep was lovingly hand-raised, not sure where he developed such extreme bravado that he feels he needs to jump anyone who dares to come too close. He is always strutting his stuff. He will appear to mind his own business, but he[…]

I live in a four-season climate. I am probably in the minority here, but I’ll say it: Fall is my least favorite season of all. It is usually marked by cold winds and rain, the leaves turning quickly from green to brown. Mud everywhere. One year, the green leaves froze ON the trees then cracked off to the ground. Nothing pretty about that. Fall is tough around here. This year[…]