I have been working on a studio remodel for the last several months, and Quincy has been my ever-present studio helper. I received a package yesterday that had a box inside of a box. As cat lovers know, this is a win-win situation. Because, boxes. Quincy wasted no time investigating. He started by shredding the packing paper. Step aside. Studio helper at work. He kept positioning and repositioning himself to[…]

Barnie and Quincy’s favorite thing about the holidays? Paws down, boxes. Boxes of so many shapes and sizes! Quincy especially loves boxes and thinks all of them belong to him. Barnie of course, loves boxes too. Sometimes he claims them first. Quincy is never far behind, though. More Barnie, Quincy, and SNOW on my other blog.  

I am building a new glass studio. Every other cat I have lived with in my entire life (you know there are many!), would have run and hid. Not Quincy. I wrote about him helping out in the studio the other day, and his help continues. This time, Barnie decided to investigate along with Quincy. This project called for some tile. So many shapes, colors, and sizes! I shopped at a[…]