I have written before about Quincy’s love of his “mousie” — the mouse finger puppet he stole from my daughter’s room. While it was adorable watching him play with it, cart it all around, and pretend that he was a Great Hunter, he was ruining one puppet out of a set. I tried many times to take the mousie away, and tempt him with other, better, toys. But no matter[…]

Once again, Team AboutVetMed (Barnie, Quincy, my daughter and I) participated in Hairball Awareness day. I posted a sneak peek of our final entry on Monday, and here is a quick review: Ten bloggers participated in this year’s challenge of “mustache cats.” The 11 cats (we snuck in a second cat) are also featured on Romeo’s blog, the FURminator Facebook page!, and People Pets gallery. Check all of them out[…]

It’s that time of year again. Hairball Awareness Day is Friday, April 26th. (This Friday!). Check out: The facts about hairballs. Once again, Barnie and Quincy participated in the FURminator awareness campaign, along with my daughter, who designed last year’s Ellen FurGeneres piece. This year, it was all about “mustaches on cats,” which sounds easier than it was, as Quincy kept trying to capture and eat his mustache. My daughter[…]