Sometimes I am in overdrive; the To Do list out of control again. Then I pause, look around and see this friendly reminder. Thanks, Barnie.   Pets are great for that, actually. I have recently started back doing yoga. Naturally flexible in my youth, but a different story today. It’s more work now, but I do feel great getting a nice daily stretch in. The pets agree. Here are a couple[…]

Since the weather is getting warmer (slowly but surely where I live), I am taking a hat, glove and scarf knitting break and trying something new. I want to make some felted mousies for Quincy, but got distracted by this adorable Flamingo I found on Ravelry. Since I am not usually patient enough to follow a pattern and I used different sized yarn and needles than this pattern called for,[…]

The title really says it all, but I also wanted to say that I never ‘pose’ my pets. Everything just happens as it happens. I have no idea what Argos was doing as he tried to shimmy under the shower curtain aka the Invisi-Cat Shield. Then, as if on cue, Quincy races in to get control of the situation… Here’s how it happened