Back in November, Dr. Cathy King (founder of WorldVets), posted this photo on my Facebook page. This adorable and funny dogs-wearing-reindeer-hats photo was subsequently posted eleventy more times by other friends. I loved it, and took it on as a personal challenge — to knit reindeer hats for my two Greyhounds, Argos and Purl. It started out innocently enough. Purl wasn’t so sure. I did the neck part first, followed[…]

You may have seen the You Shall Not Pass, Dog video making the rounds on Facebook and Twitter. I watched it, and was laughing and nodding in agreement — the power that cats have over dogs. This recurring theme is definitely true in my house — everything from Barnie and Quincy owning the dog beds to the Invisi-Cat Shield saga. And now, cat control over the stairs. Stairway to Trouble One of Quincy’s[…]

Once again, Team AboutVetMed (Barnie, Quincy, my daughter and I) participated in Hairball Awareness day. I posted a sneak peek of our final entry on Monday, and here is a quick review: Ten bloggers participated in this year’s challenge of “mustache cats.” The 11 cats (we snuck in a second cat) are also featured on Romeo’s blog, the FURminator Facebook page!, and People Pets gallery. Check all of them out[…]