About Me

Janet Tobiassen Crosby, DVM

I graduated from Oregon State College of Veterinary Medicine in 1990. I was the Guide (now called Expert) to Veterinary Medicine on About.com for 16 years. I retired from about.com in March of 2015. Articles that I wrote continue to be updated by someone, but not by me — in case you find incorrect information or photos listed there now.

Please note: if you have questions about articles with my byline on The Spruce Pets (formerly about.com), please read this post about my articles on The Spruce.

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Regular Life

Lots of animals fill my life — dogs, cats, chickens, and geese. The cat in the sidebar is Herman Roosevelt Quinn and sweet Sophie. Sweet memories.

And, as many of you know, I love chickens! I love them in real life and I love making chicken beads. I have several photos of my pets – dogs, cats, chickens, and geese all over this site, Instagram.

I have a life-long love and fascination (some would say obsession) with glass. You can view samples of my work and learn more about the bead making process (called lampworking or flameworking) on my glass bead site and art Facebook page.

I am also a knitter, watercolor painter, and love photography. My favorite pastime is hiking in the forests on the coastal edge in the pacific northwest.

Mr Blanca shows off

Mr. Blanca – best rooster ever. RIP