Glass for Greyhounds

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A couple days ago, I posted about the loss of my sweet Greyhound Purl.

She was a ‘rescue’ Greyhound, but like all rescues, she rescued me. To work through my sadness over her loss, I spent hours in my glass studio. Creating something always helps me, and I wanted to create something to help Greyhounds.

Purl on a picnic
Purl always traveled in comfort.

Glass for Greyhounds

Head on over to my glass shop to adopt a glass Greyhound and help a real Greyhound! All proceeds go to Greyhound rescue.


7/15/19: Thank you to Glass for Greyhounds ‘adopters’! I just made a donation of $100 (5 sales @ $20/each) to the rescue that matched us with Purl, Greyhound Pets of America. They even have ‘special needs’ hounds, including one who has seizures.

7/17/19: All glass dog faces have been claimed. Thank you for helping Greyhounds in need!

In memory of Purl, a heartfelt thank you.

For the first 5 Glass for Greyhounds
For the remaining 3 Glass for Greyhounds dogs. Thank you!