My Sweet Purl Girl

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It has taken me a few weeks to write this post. On a beautiful sunny summer morning last month, Purl started having seizures. Completely out of the blue. Cluster seizures that were hard to get under control.

She had been absolutely fine and in great health. She was enjoying daily walks in the park and food (like always). This is not anything I saw coming.

With medication, we were able to stop the cluster of seizures, but not able to completely stop the seizures. Within 48 hours, she had trouble getting up on her feet. She developed a head tilt and wobbly gait.

Seizures are never good news. For a senior dog with no history of seizures or toxin exposure, this is especially bad news. Most often, a brain tumor lurks. I called WSU Neurology to schedule a workup, but we ran out of time. Our whole family is devastated.

The Cats

The cats, particularly Quincy, loved Purl. She was always gentle with them, and … if conditions were right, she would give them a big sloppy kiss on the head.

The morning after our loss, Quincy was meowing and meowing. This in itself isn’t that unusual, as he is a pretty vocal cat. But the repetition on this morning was more than usual. I put Purl’s collars down on the floor with him and then snapped these pics. I did not entice him or otherwise engage him.

Purl's Collar, Quincy's paw
He quietly put his paw on her collar tag.
Quincy With Purl's Collar
Without any prompting, Quincy grabbed her collar and started rubbing it all over his face.
Quincy with Purl's collars
After rubbing her collars all over his face, he just laid there. Heartbreaking and sweet.
Barnie comforts Quincy
Then Barnie appeared and started grooming Quincy. They are friendly feline roommates, but only rarely groom each other. Barnie is a natural caretaker.
Barnie and Purl's collar
Grooming session over, Barnie cuddles with Purl’s collar.

The cat’s reaction to the loss of Purl … so sad. But also comforting, too. We all grieve in our own ways.

Looking Back

Here are some of my favorite Purl photos. She came to us about 7 years ago as a terrified foster. She was a ‘foster’ for maybe 5 minutes. I fell for her immediately.

Purl bloomed into a lovely and goofy dog who loved hiking, forests, the beach, the snow, hogging the couches, and her dog treats. Not necessarily in that order.

Smiling at the beach
She would walk along the beach all day. Especially loved digging up soft sand.
Beach zoomies
Purl taking time to smell the tulips
Take time to smell the flowers. Always so gentle.
Snow walk with her buddy Avie
Snow was no problem as long as she had her cozy jacket on.
Good morning
The Purl face that greeted me most mornings
Purl in the curtains
On other mornings, I woke up to this Purl face.
Purl in the cat bed
We have big comfy dog beds all over the house. But… she couldn’t resist a good cat bed.

Run free, my sweet Purl girl.

Got snacks?
Got snacks?

In Memory

To honor our time with Purl and how she enriched our lives, I have created some glass dog faces to help other dogs. Please check out Glass for Greyhounds to find out how to adopt one and help other dogs!