The Reluctant Reindog

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Some of you may remember all the way back to 2013, when I decided to knit reindeer hats for my Greyhounds, Purl and Argos.

The Reindogs
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Sadly, Argos is no longer with us. RIP, sweet buddy. I still have the reindog hats, though. It was time to pull them back out.

Reindogs revisited

Sweet Purl was down with that.

ReinDog Purl -
Her face is whiter now, but oh, that sweet, earnest Purl face. ❤️

Then it was Avie’s turn. She was very sassy with all of the reindog attention. She needed her handler (my daughter) to help with the photoshoot.

The Reluctant Reindog -
I will get you, reindog hat maker!
ReinDog Purl -
Did you say… ‘cookie’?
ReinDog Avie -
Oh wait! There’s a cookie involved in this? Hold on, I’m here.