Amazing Gracie

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If you are in the mood for a wonderful kitty story (I mean, who isn’t?) on Instagram, be sure to check out @AmazeballsGracie on Instagram.

The Story Begins Here, Innocently Enough

The new kitty adoptee settles in at her forever home.

Regram @bethostern. My first day at home!

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The Backstory

The AmazeballsGracie account is started by my sister, who adopted the first installation of her Cat Lady Kit – a small gray cat named Gracie – on July 1, 2017. Fast forward 3 days later (hahaha), and two ‘foster’ kittens arrived.

Well, this was unexpected. Pookie and Pippa just rolled up!

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I say ‘foster’ because we all know where this is going, right? 😂

Pookie’s not ready to let me groom her yet. It’s ok, I can wait.

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Follow Along

Each photo is another page in a fun-to-read book of the newly minted Cat Lady. Thank you to all of the wonderful rescue and foster teams out there! Spay, Neuter, Adopt!