Studio Helpers and Inspectors

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I am building a new glass studio. Every other cat I have lived with in my entire life (you know there are many!), would have run and hid.

Not Quincy.

I wrote about him helping out in the studio the other day, and his help continues. This time, Barnie decided to investigate along with Quincy.

This project called for some tile. So many shapes, colors, and sizes! I shopped at a warehouse and had so much fun picking these out. Not sure how they will all come together, but I love each one and will think of something. ha.

Glass and Porcelain Tiles

I come back to find this. Two cats chillaxing on my tiles.

2 Cats on my Tiles

Let’s take a closer look.

Quincy was on the scene first. His love of cardboard got the best of him — he chewed up the box that the tiles came in.

Cats and Tiles

Barnie got to the important work of making the box a bed. Quincy soon realizes his error.

Cats and Tiles

Cats and Tiles

Sweet quiet Barnie.

Cats and Tiles

Quincy got over it. Nothing a little sunbath couldn’t fix.