Got Halloween?

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My pets are costume-less. So are my kids. This probably stems from my loathing of costumes. Thinking of what to wear, dressing up…. just not my skill set. But I do enjoy seeing others in costumes, and there have been some really creative ones in my Facebook newsfeed the past few weeks.

Since there are so many great costumes out there, I thought I would ask on the AboutVetMed Facebook page for your best pet costumes. What is “best” is subjective, of course, but if the photo features a pet sporting a creative costume, it could have a chance to be featured in this week’s Halloween newsletter on my Veterinary Medicine site.

To submit your photo, just add it in the comments on this post on Facebook.

Or tweet it! @ reply to me on Twitter (@AboutVetMed).

Instagram more your speed? Post your photo and tag “aboutvetmed” so I will see it.