The Art Critic

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I have two blogs besides my site, sadly, both of them are fairly neglected. Now and then though, I have bursts of inspiration.

Inspiration has been plentiful lately, even if time to blog hasn’t. Most recently, inspiration has come with time spent on the coast, my favorite place to be. I love the sights, sounds, fresh air, and color. I can’t wait to put it down in some form of art. The art is mostly for me – it helps me see things differently, with a new eye.

The same is true with my pets – the ones I share on this blog. When I take their photos, imagining what is going through their minds, it helps me see them in a new way.

Sometimes the two worlds mix. What do my pets think of my art? Let’s take a look.

We will start with the dogs. This is pretty much how Argos views everything – beautiful views, exciting company, and art work.


Barnie is a lover of my knitted projects. He loves “helping” while I am organizing my yarn, knitting my projects, and while items are drying over the vent after washing them. Thanks, Barnie.


Quincy is the one who HAS to check out everything. Every single thing.

Here he is, inspecting one of my summer art projects (more photos and details here).