The Mousie Box

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I have written before about Quincy’s love of his “mousie” — the mouse finger puppet he stole from my daughter’s room. While it was adorable watching him play with it, cart it all around, and pretend that he was a Great Hunter, he was ruining one puppet out of a set.


I tried many times to take the mousie away, and tempt him with other, better, toys. But no matter where I hid the prized mousie, he found it. This included opening drawers and sliding around doors for his favorite prey. No other toy had the power of the white mousie until….

I found the MouseHunter™ toy by Play-N-Squeak. This was a game-changer. It randomly squeaks, like a real mouse.

To add to the fun, I cut up a shoe box to “hide” the new mousie, thereby making it even more irresistible.

Quincy was dubious at first.


That squeaking is hard to resist.


But he can’t resist. He loves trying to find that mousie. Here is a live action view. If you listen closely, you can hear the little mouse squeaks…

He finally decides to take a break.


The next morning, I find him busy at work, chewing up the box.


After creating a much larger hole, he is satisfied.


He summons his best buddy Barnie, who until now hadn’t expressed much interest in the mousie.


Oh, but boxes are sooooo hard to resist.



Not wanting to spend any more time cutting up a box, I thought I could just tape over the large new hole with some packing tape.



This kind of killed the interest in the mousie box.


Guess I need to find another box!

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