Flamenco Flamingo

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Since the weather is getting warmer (slowly but surely where I live), I am taking a hat, glove and scarf knitting break and trying something new. I want to make some felted mousies for Quincy, but got distracted by this adorable Flamingo I found on Ravelry.

Since I am not usually patient enough to follow a pattern and I used different sized yarn and needles than this pattern called for, I used the photos for guidance. As I knitted, I started thinking how “flamingo” is such an interesting word, and it is very similar to flamenco, so I made a small dress in the -very loosely interpreted- style of a flamenco dancer.

I tried a bright red yarn, but didn’t like how it looked against the pink. Several more layers of ruffles would have been nice, but this was about all of the mohair yarn I had, so she will have to make do with her fancy flamenco… pinafore.

Any other knitters out there?