The Bird Watcher

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Barnie, once a cat out in the wilds on his own, is the biggest window watcher of the house. Now that the weather is warming up window-watching is even more exciting because that means the windows are opened up on nice days.

Outside of one of his favorite perches is a bird nest up in the eaves. Those little hungry babies make quite a racket.

Music to a kitty’s ears

And then it happened

Something that has not happened before. A baby bird, still figuring out that flying thing, landed-scrambled on the tiny ledge, finally getting some purchase on the screen. Right under Barnie’s nose. Oh, the suspense!

The young bird seemed unconcerned that a little screen separated him from a giant natural predator. He stayed there on that tiny ledge, taking it all in. Barnie was motionless, beside himself with all of this potential good fortune.

Then Barnie needed to get down to bird’s eye level.

That did it. Little birdie decided to take off —whoooosh— clumsy, but figuring out the flying stuff.

Sophie couldn’t contain her curiosity any longer. She came over to check things out and offer Barnie some company.

Barnie is a big moosh, but thank goodness for screens when little birds come to say hello.