Bored, Bored, Bored

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Do you ever feel bored but don’t really have any other ideas of what to do? Yeah, so does Quincy.

Of course, there is always the musical pet beds game…

But Quincy needed more excitement. Taking beds away from the dogs is too easy, really.

Quincy loooves his mousie. Without a human though, the mousie just isn’t as lively.

Since the dogs give comfy beds up without a fight, maybe the human’s chair would be more of a challenge? Nope.

Bored, Quincy looks for something else to do.

Unless it is my dinner chair. That did get my attention, and Quincy had to move on.

This is when I knew he was bored. He hardly ever takes time for a bath.

Ooohhh maybe Invisi-cat shield potential here?

Tired of trying, Quincy heads off to his old familiar haunt, the Invisi-cat shield — A place where he can hang out and do and say what he feels like.