When New Friends Feel Like Old Friends

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The other day I posted this photo, taken by Sally Haddock DVM, on the Facebook page and asked for captions.

Got great ones! You can check them out here.

And with those adorable faces and expressions, I couldn’t resist adding in my own.

But who are these dogs, and what happened to Sophie, Argos, Purl, Barnie and Quincy? No worries – they are all fine. I am missing them and the rest of the family while I am in New York, though. Thank goodness for the (hundreds of) photos of them I carry on my phone to keep me company.

And, as luck would have it, I met someone who loves taking photos of her pets as much as I do. Meet Dr. Sally Haddock’s Fonzi, Maggie and Barley. (Maggie is a friend’s dog.)

Have you ever just met someone, but felt like you already knew each other? It was like that.

Fonzi and Dr. Haddock

And then we realized we already did know each other. Sort of.

We had ‘met’ via Twitter and Facebook, but did not realize this until some time later. aha! Since I was going to be in town for a few more days, we decided to get together for more visiting and eating.

Lucky for me – she and her husband own a landmark NYC restaurant familiar to many locals and visitors alike: Veselka (two locations). In one of those wow-I-can’t-believe-how-things-work-out-sometimes moments, I was able to dine at both locations. It was a double treat. Deliciously comforting gourmet food.

Here is Dr. Haddock and her husband Tom outside of the original Veselka, established in 1954.

Dr. Haddock’s practice is just down the block from this restaurant.

Let’s take a tour of a NYC veterinary practice

NYC is tight on space. In this case, if you are talking on your phone or otherwise distracted for few seconds, you could walk right by this veterinary office and not even realize it.

At first I was confused – how do you enter? I am used to the land of bigger clinics. The ones with parking lots and a glass entry way. This appeared to be just a window well.

Ahhh walking a little further, I see the rest of the story. A stairwell leading to the ‘window well’ entrance. (Hey I am not from the city.)

Under the stairwell, and there you are.

I was greeted warmly by everyone and forgot to take a reception room photo, but it was a very welcoming and surprisingly big reception area with lots of seating.

Continuing on, here is one of 3 exam rooms. Digital radiographs can be viewed on the computer monitors in each exam room. Each room was well-equipped.

Upstairs, a dental suite. Nice natural lighting.

I think this was my favorite thing of all… a painting on the chair!

Dr. Tracy De Meola told me that this little guy, Vinny, was left outside the clinic in a small cage with an anonymous note. He needed a home.

Thank goodness he found one here.

Connect with Dr. Haddock and St. Marks Vet

Back to Veselka

I think the sign says it all.

Veselka is love

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My stories are a bit out of order here. I was fortunate to meet another veterinarian who I hadn’t met until this trip, but who also feels like an old friend. Dr. Theresa Deporter and I finally met in real life, along with Ceva, a pup she is co-raising for Leader Dogs for the Blind. We also had lots of laughs and lots of adventures. I will be posting more of Ceva here and on about.com.

We toured NYC and 4-month-old Ceva was amazing. Here she is on the subway. As fabulous as they are, I have to admit that Sophie, Argos and Purl would probably not be as poised as little Ceva is with all of the noise and distractions of a busy city. (But they have other very excellent qualities. heehee)

We also hung out with my ‘old’ friend DrV of Pawcurious – laughs, food, dogs – everything good. Now I just need to sort through all of the photos…!