Winter Walk

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Despite early predictions of a big snowy winter, it hasn’t happened. We have had a few storms dump some snow, but for the most part, it has been unseasonably nice. With temps in the 40’s, it is like spring.

Perfect time to get the dogs and family out for a hike.

Let’s go, couch potato!

The kitties were exempted from the big day out.

We arrived for our hike by the river, greeted by the blue-est skies (and water) ever.

And look! See those little sprigs of green pushing through the pine needles? Oh yeah! Come on, spring!

We had to stop along the way. Argos did his “hunter pose” as my daughter calls it, when he sees something, somewhere. Purl, despite being a sighthound, usually follows Sophie’s lead – checking out good sniffs.

Sophie is always the lead dog of any walk; always moving, sometimes impatiently waiting on Greyhounds.

Now, this hike was to be a healthy day out. We had water and granola bars in our pack. Despite the outdoorsy views this trail provides, this trail also goes right behind strip-mall-land, including a Krispy Kreme establishment. This fact was not lost on the kids or the dogs.

I usually hike by myself with the 3 dogs, but since the the whole fam was along, my hands were free to take some photos along the way. This caused me to lag quite a bit behind everyone, and despite my (admittedly weak) protests, when I looked up, the trail was cleared of family and dogs.

I took the little side trail up to ye olde donut shop to find all of them there, happily munching away. Sigh.

Can I still count this as a healthy outing? I don’t know. Probably not. ha.

So we headed back, the sun sinking lower in the sky.

When we got home, I loved seeing that my favorite tree had a ticklish grasp on the moon….