And This Bed is Just Right

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Like a lot of Greyhounds, Purl can curl up in a teeny space. Argos can too, but the cats steer clear of him, since he sometimes wakes up with a rattle.

But if Purl is first on a bed, this seems to signal an invitation to the cats, especially Quincy.

Argos, who we refer to as The Dog of Luxury, also knows how to just relax and fit in as the situation dictates.

So Purl gives it a go and finds a bed to call her own, a bed abandoned by Quincy and Barnie.

She circles several times and lies down. Repeats this cycle 3 more times to get it just right, but…

As soon as the humans vacated the couch, she was on it in a flash. Comfort at last!

And in case you were thinking that all my pets do is sleep, here is a recent video of Sophie, Purl and Argos enjoying a snow day.

Meanwhile, Barnie is still thinking about thumbs.