Psssst! Penguins!

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Today’s blog post is not the typical Sophie-Argos-Purl-Quincy-Barnie antics. Well, OK. Here’s one.

Today I am spotlighting my sister’s work. She is a graphic designer who, for the last two and a half decades, has worked in publishing, designing books. As much as I love books, I have to admit I was first in line for an e-reader. Much to the chagrin of my sister.

But seriously… no more shipping charges, no more overflowing bookshelves, and so light and easy to carry several books on a trip. It is hard to resist the lush color and photography that pop out of the book apps on the iPad, too.

And penguins! Who can resist penguins?

For the e-book, Our Amazing World: Penguins, Kris collaborated with Dr. Wayne Lynch, a former emergency room doctor, science writer, wildlife photographer and author of many books, including a penguin book written in 1997.

Here is the latest penguin book, first of a series titled “Our Amazing World” that will feature animal and travel topics.

I didn’t know what to expect – I figured 10 to 12 pages of gorgeous photos and captions, but was quite surprised to find 65 stunning pages, with photos of all types of penguins, from around the world. Even penguins in forests and deserts(!).

Each page has a caption and then a more in-depth description ‘below’ (swipe the page downward) the photo. There is a lot of penguin information here.

This book is great for the penguin-lover and penguin-newbie. This book is also great for kids, students, photographers, and budding photographers, like me. Something to aspire to, even if I never travel to these beautiful, faraway locations.

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Great gift idea (and no shipping charges)
This 65-page full color ebook is available on iTunes for just $2.99. Great gift for yourself, friends and family!

Are you a blogger?
There are a limited number of review (promo code) copies available. Please contact Kris to discuss obtaining a review copy.

Disclosure: I purchased this app for this review. (No promo code for me.) Kris is my sister, but I am not financially affiliated with her, this book, or Matchbook Digital LLC.