Still Life With Cat

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I know most people get excited about spring cleaning, but for me, fall is the cleaning/organizing time. All of those sunny warm days and outside time are winding down, the days are getting shorter. I hate that the most – the darkness. So soon!

But I’ll deal with it. To that end, I want the inside environment to be organized and ready. This weekend, it was time to get the office organized.

Nothing fancy here, just a small cabinet with paper and card-making tools. And on top, some knitting projects, a couple chicken-y items, a family heirloom, and a little Corgi dog from Wedgewood pharmacy. In fact, this probably isn’t even ‘organized’ to a professional organizer, but it is an improvement for me. Ahhhhh nice.

Took a break. Came back. Did a double take.

Quincy had inserted himself in this little scene. Move along… nothing to see here.

Then he realized that I had returned.

Without his mighty Invisi-cat shield, he felt vulnerable. He departed the scene.

Thank goodness he didn’t break anything. He did knock a couple things off of my desk, which Purl happened upon and chewed up. 🙁

Win some, lose some.