The Geezers

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Harold and Giselle* don’t get a lot of face time here on the blog, other than to show their naughty side, harassing Barnie. They are noisy and great ‘watch geese,’ but fairly harmless. I say fairly because one of my friends who has taken care of them before might disagree. (hi Heather!) heh

Winter is coming, but they don’t fly. They are mostly concerned about eating up the yummy green grass before it gets covered in snow.

I am practicing and figuring out how to use a new camera. This was really the only photo of them that turned out. The rest were headless photos of their backsides; as they ignored me and munched on grass.

Here they are on a recent patrol of the yard.


They're loud. They enjoy harassing cats. They aren't flying anywhere for winter.

Enjoy these last few days of ‘summer’ (not ready to say fall yet).

* = father and son – an unfortunate naming accident