Early Purl Gets the… Comfy Bed

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My pets and the story of their game of musical beds continues.

Argos, in particular, requires cushy comfort wherever he is. Want to calm him down in a new situation? A loud gathering? A boat on the water? Throw a bed down. Ahhhhh! He goes right to it, and gets comfy. He was even gifted his very own special bed by my friend.

Not to worry – we have several pet beds, but not one in every room. I lug the beds around depending on where we are going to settle for a bit. But sometimes I forget. Sometimes we are in a room… without a dog bed.

Argos acts insulted, sighing heavily a few times, pacing around, doing some turns before giving up and laying on the carpet. Oh, the things he must endure. Argos will stay in a room with a dog bed instead of joining the rest of us without a dog bed. Until he can resist it no longer.

Because of this, he sometimes gets beat for the best spot, as what happened the other day. Purl wasted no time getting in on the comfy-ness.