Purl Product Tester

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This summer has me busy doing pet product reviews on About.com. I have a couple books and a dog bed in the queue, looked at a new kind of pet life jacket, and am in the process of evaluating some “indestructible” dog toys.

I am interested in the chewability factor because of Purl. She recently turned 2, and she is still very much a puppy in her curiosity and energy levels. She has a lot of energy for chewing and exploring new items by tasting and chomping.

Dog and cat toy safety is always a concern, and Purl was able to chew off some choke-able chunks of another ‘indestructible’ toy a few months ago. (All toys should be used with supervision – every animal/toy is different and your mileage may vary.)

This toy, and two similar ones, will be part of an upcoming review. Purl definitely ruled the day with these toys.

What are your dog’s favorite toys?