My Cats as Cartoons

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I feel like I am the last one to learn about Simon’s Cat. How did I miss this artistic genius? My daughter was watching YouTube, I was trying to write, and kept hearing miaow-miaow-miaow on the screen and (gasp) told her to turn it off.

Then I took a second look. And a third, and a forth…

And laughed out loud at the way this artist captured cats’ behaviors and funnyisms.

I see Quincy in this one:

Oh memories…

And we all know how kitties love BOXES


I haz a box…


And the first video. The one my daughter was watching. The one with all of the miaows.

This one is Barnie all the way

(Well, except that he can’t miaow.)



But he is a kneader and a lover from day one. And a kitty who likes his dinner.

Here is an interview with Simon the artist, talking about the creative process. Here is the Simon’s Cat You Tube channel and web site for more kitteh funnies.