Argos Gets Spoiled. Big Time.

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After enjoying the plushness of Teva’s dog bed, Argos had taken to seizing the chance when the dog beds were piled up on top of each other. He thought that was way more comfy!

Despite being called the dog of luxury by our family, Argos is really pretty easy to please as long as he has something cushy to lay on. So he was surprised to find a visitor at our door. Teva’s human Heather stopped by the other day. With a little …. errr… BIG surprise for Argos.

He wasted no time. He actually plopped right on it in the hallway!

Upon further testing, Argos determined that it is indeed a nice bed.

And it passed the Very Deep Slumber test nicely.

Meanwhile, as people who visit the Facebook page found out, Miss Purl is still getting the hang of the comfy bed thing.

And then there is the question of the cats. I think they are planning a revolt to reclaim all dog beds…