Speak up – caption my pets!

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I posted this photo on my Facebook page, and people are adding great captions! I will post all of them here later tonight.

Feel free to add yours on the FB page or as a comment below.

"_____________________" say it!

And now, from the Facebook page!

Nancy Daily: Bengal Kitty King of the Jungle

Leslie Misener: My mother always told me to let sleeping dogs lie!

Madaline H. Muth: Watchcat guarding the watchdogs while they sleep. Sleeping is what my Greyhound and two other mixed breed rescues do best.

Patricia Dancosse Westgate: ‎Quick lie down and pretend you’re asleep so she’ll think the cat did it.

Rose Chudkosky: It doesn’t matter what size you are ~ it’s who’s on top that counts!!!

Marcy Cheke: ‎…..After the game!

Debbie Trueblood: Looks like the kitty is saying “Can we keep them!!”

Patrick Carroll: Cat: Why are you two so exhausted? I’M ‘feline’ fine!

Madaline H. Muth: A little tranquilizer in their water dishes works every time. Purrrrrfect!

Penny Forest Kolacki: Cat: Hope mom does not find that missing bottle of rum. I spiked the dogs water.