All in a day’s work

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Quincy is a mix of innocent curiosity and naughtiness. He spends his days sleeping and his nights and early mornings getting in all sorts of trouble.

A peek at a typical Quincy Day


Just minding his own business. Or is he?

Just a regular morning. Or is it?

Look closely...

When bored of the Invisi-cat Shield, there is always the Invisi-cat Couch.

Note: the black fabric is *supposed* to be attached to the underside of the couch. :-/

Bengals are known for their love of water. We fill up a sink or tub for him to play in, but of course the pet water dish is the most fun of all.

Every morning I find water, toys and 'stuff' in the dog water. I wonder why.

Let’s take a closer look. Apparently, the water tastes better if you give it a good swish or two.

Oh, how the kitties love their cat climber. It is a gym on a pole.

This cheap cat climber was the best investment ever. Hours of fun. And...


Since the cats run full tilt at this thing many times a day, I didn’t even look up as I was eating breakfast. But then I heard crashing and thrashing.

...apparently a way to get up on the teeny tiny valance rod, walk across, and lose your balance.

This makes for a very tired kitty.

Yep. All in a day's work.