To the Invisi-Cat Shield and Beyond!

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The very next day after Quincy’s successful Invisi-Cat Shield mission, he was at it again. On this day though, the naughtiness started even before he entered in the Invisi-Cat Shield.

I had a brand new litter box all ready with brand new special magic cat litter to evaluate for an upcoming review on I did not want the cats messing it up before I had time to take photos, so I ‘hid’ it in the bathroom with the door shut.

Sometime later, I hear a frantic baby-kittenish mew! mew! mew! huh? Oh brother. Quincy was trapped inside the bathroom. So much for that strategy.

But thankfully he had other things to keep him busy.

The evidence

Some of you may remember that Quincy loves the toilet paper. Just when I think he has outgrown it. As I am surveying the scene, Quincy saunters back in.

He is curious about this new box in this new location, but isn’t tempted to try it out. This aroused the curiosity of the Greyhounds. Something is going on in the bathroom! Let’s go see!

Then Quincy realizes that is is a new day and a new opportunity to utilize the Invisi-Cat Shield. Zooooom!

That is the closest shot I got, but yep… Quincy had another successful mission with Purl again. Poor Purl. Look at Quincy’s face. He is some kind of serious.

Until next time!