Invisi-Cat Unleashed!

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Barnie was the originator of the Invisi-Cat Shield, but he seems to have outgrown it. He made good use of it in his day. He was an expert at slithering in the shield, ready and waiting for his next victim.

Quincy has now inherited the Invisi-Cat Shield, and he utilizes it just about daily. He takes the job very seriously. He still has a few things to learn, though.

The first thing would be how to enter the shield. I have yet to catch him with the camera – but he uses both front paws, his face, a back paw and his tail to rumple up the shield and find an entry port. Barnie wins finesse points here.

Quincy also needs to learn that Barnie might not be the best attack subject, being a cat and being wise to the ways of the shield and all, but… he tries.

(sorry for the photo quality on some of these – cell phone photos!)


Meanwhile, Barnie ignores Invisi-Cat Quincy and hops up to the windowsill above.

Finished surveying the outside world, Barnie hops down from the sill and walks right past Invisi-Cat Quincy.

Apparently another cat is too smart for this. Dogs are better subjects.

One annoying and cute thing the dogs do is crowd in the bathroom when I am getting ready to leave. It was OK with one dog, a little cozy with two, and now with three plus an Invisi-Cat, it is pretty crowded. It did make it a little easier for Quincy to pick his victims, though.