Happy Burro Day to Me

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Today is my birthday. I’m not that big into birthdays. I am not ‘afraid’ of them, I just forget them (oops – my sisters will agree).

I don’t need anything. I have a wonderful family, friends, pets, yarn, glass (beads!), some good books… that is really all I need. But the fam likes to commemorate these events, and I joked that I would like a Burro for my birthday.

My daughter could barely contain her excitement this morning as my husband baked yummy coffee cake and roused the sleepy son out of bed. Finally the moment arrived: the homemade ‘adoption certificate,’ signed by all family members, including the muddy paw prints of Argos, Sophie and Burro herself.

The ‘real’ adoption signing will happen this weekend. More on this story at About.com: Fostering 101:Fail

For now, welcome to the fam, Burro!

She could barely sit still with her imaginary bow on…

What’s in a name?

When fostering, you must keep the name they come with. Some dogs know their name, some have no clue, like Argos. After adoption, you can decide what to call your dog. I do not like changing a name. I am not so fond of “Burro,” either.

One of my friends came over the other day, and misunderstood Burro’s name – “Pearl?” ha! But… say it out loud… Burro and Pearl are almost interchangeable. And Burro responds equally to both names. We chose “Purl” as the spelling because I love to knit. And that gives a little nod to “burro” in a way. She never missed a beat and responds to Purl just fine.