Burro gets her zoom on

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Burro the foster Greyhound has been with us 2.5 weeks now. Just a few days ago, she was brave enough to walk on the scary kitchen floor. Go Burro! She doesn’t love the scary floor, but is navigating fairly well, especially when a treat awaits her.

She has a voracious appetite and is filling out nicely. I need to weigh her. I have been avoiding car rides until she feels more comfortable with “everything else” at this point.

She does love eating. I had to put an upside-down bowl in her dog dish this morning (my version of a Brake-fast bowl) because she inhales her food.

Burro has also discovered something else…

… and she is fast!

Another dog to chase and be chased has taken Argos by surprise, but they are getting used to running together. They had their first ‘big run’ together yesterday. Up until that point, Burro would gleefully run by herself then freeze if Argos came running up to her. She is gaining confidence.