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Tomorrow, March 17, is Paws For Japan – a worldwide community of pet bloggers teaming up with my friends at World Vets to help raise awareness and funds for the animals affected by the multiple disasters in Japan. I blogged about this event on and the support has been fantastic.

This video captures what we are working for in a nutshell:


World Vets was first on the scene, arriving on March 16 (Japan relief status update page) and working closely with local veterinary and animal welfare groups.

To help World Vets,  I have created buttons that are
free to use on your site for Paws for Japan fund raising efforts.

Donations are tax deductible – World Vets is a  501 c 3 nonprofit.

To save: right click on the image(s) you want and link them to the World Vets status page:

for full information about the relief efforts and donations.

Alternatively: If you prefer to use ChipIn (PayPal accepted here), visit the official World Vets ChipIn page.

Questions? Feel free to contact me.