Burro Learns About Sleeping Arrangements

Burro the foster Greyhound has been with us just over a week. Oh, the strides she has made!

This girl was afraid of her own shadow, one of those squat-and-pee types. Now she is bounding around, stealing toys and TV remotes, and giving Argos a little run for his money in the backyard.

She stands and waits to be petted, or wriggles in between Sophie and Argos – no more of that fearful squatting. Today she greeted me with a play bow! (giant step forward)

Despite these humongous positive strides, Burro still has a thing to learn about Sleeping Arrangements. Today’s lesson was a continuation of an earlier discussion with Quincy.

Barnie is not as much of a stickler as Quincy, but he does love a comfy bed.

The big picture…

Hmmm! This reminds me of Quincy.

Any comfy bed will do. Oh look! This one is heated, too.