Argos Takes the Lead

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It has been 5 days since Burro the foster Greyhound arrived. She is about 1.5 years old, and a petite little girl who is scared of her own shadow. Welcome to our busy household!

Our biggest concern here was actually Argos. He is very mellow, and he adores Sophie, but can have a curmudgeonly ‘get-off-my-lawn’ attitude with the boisterous types. He tolerated our first foster, Hammer, but it wasn’t like they were BFFs.

Our adoption group coordinator brought Burro over on a Saturday afternoon. We cautiously introduced them. Sophie, beloved Sophie, welcomes all with open paws, so no worries there. And… happily, Argos was Mr. Mellow around the new arrival. This was great news!

Burro gravitated to Argos. He basically ignored her, choosing instead to lay on his favorite bed. That was OK. An hour later, all three dogs were hanging out like they had been together forever. Encouraging.

Then we took our first walk

It took me 10 minutes to go 10 yards. Burro, who may appear stubborn, was actually too terrified to move out of the fenced yard. I brought some yummy treats (she is a food hound!) to entice her. Argos and Sophie were beside themselves; a walk AND treats?! It was too good to be true. They enthusiastically and repeatedly showed Burro how yummy the treats were.

No go.

Finally, Burro had to check the treats out, she moved, but slowly. By now Sophie and Argos wondered if we would ever get going on the promised walk. Burro finally got over her reluctance, and off we went.

These photos are all from the first walk – a typical sunny, windy, warm, cold and rainy spring day.

Argos takes the lead (exuberant Sophie took her own path)

Walk Followup

We have had several walks since that first day, and I am happy to report that Miss Burro is now pushing her way to be first out the door and trots along on walks like her housemates.

She wasn’t in love with the coat I put on her for yesterday’s downpour, but she bravely went on. We had walking to do!