In like a lion…

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March is here! Spring break is coming up, and summer is around the corner.


Are we still on track for that? Recent weather has me wondering…

Feeling cooped up...

Heavy snow sliding off metal roof = good.


A study in textures

These overhangs are very cold when they fall on the back of your head/neck. Just sayin'

Sophie loves the snow!

The world is her playground.

Argos loves the snow, but in short bursts.

This was not one of them.

Where’s my comfy bed? Let’s go inside.

Here is one of them. Argos loves the snow!

The geese are busy in the background – adding in their commentary.

Sophie scores a touchdown!

Argos favorite toy is this one (last photo). He only gets it for play time. It is the squeal-y ball that Sophie loves to play keep away with.